Lovers in a Basket Bento

Summer’s here and therefore it’s bento time. On one of my last trips to Japan I managed to get two woven bamboo bento boxes which I cherish a lot but seldomly use. Mainly because I think they’re really pretty and I don’t want to stain them. Woven bento boxes obviously can’t contain anything too liquid but it’s great for neatly packing sandwiches or rice since the air can easily circulate through the box and thus prevent the content from getting damp.

The meat was marinated in gochujang sauce so I did line the box with some parchment paper, to prevent any of the food from staining the bamboo. I love how lightweight the box is and it inspires me to do picnics and to bring it along on hikes. I was a little bit excited since it’s been ages again since I last made a bento so I had to do a little sketch of it before anything else.

I still use my lazy ass drawing app called Paper53. I know I could get a pen and all do make it more precise instead of drawing with my finger on a screen but seriously that’s what I like about it, you don’t need any utensils to start drawing. It never turns out exactly as I imagined or drew it but it gives me a rough idea of how many ingredients I’ll need and how to place them if possible.

basketbento2 basketbentoabove
Aren’t the chopsticks lovely?

The ingredients were quite simple but the spicy beef and crunchy pickles complemented the plain white rice onigiri nicely. My bf had to put a slice of beef on the onigiri’s face because he thought it was too cute to look at while eating it.. It’s the first time I cooked with gochujang sauce and I’m so surprised I didn’t knew it! It’s like a very spicy red miso paste I think and I love miso. There’s also a little bit of radish and sour plum salad and the usual salad and edamame to garnish the basket.

I really wish I could do bento more often but I feel like there’s so many key ingredients of Japanese cuisine which are missing here in Switzerland or imported but too expensive for me. Fresh burdock root (goboo) is available at the Chinese store nearby and I’m so thankful for that but I miss many other ingredients like Shiso (perilla) and many vegetables.

basketbentoclose1 basketbentoclose3
Finding my personal style in bento making has become a thing for me lately and even though I’ll never be able to recreate a hundred percent authentic Japanese cuisine I can try to make the best out of what’s available.


Also, I thought that whoever is reading this might like a little change from the usual travel blog posts. There’s so many more to come so I’d better get started. And Happy Tanabata everyone! It’s July 7th. Actually today is already the 8th but I forgot to publish the post.